This is most likely the last update to this page, as I am no longer updating this site, and haven't for quite awhile. This page will remain here and will not be taken down, meaning that the information and downloads will stay. I also have a new site here on SourceForge, with newer programs all written by myself, some to do useful things I wanted and others simply as demonstrations. The new site I will continue to work on and add new stuff as time goes by.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Been awhile since my last update but I've made a MP3 Lister program in VB and it is now uploaded. I think it's pretty useful and I use it myself. The files are MP3Lister-1.5.37Inst.zip for the full installer with the source and exe included and MP3Lister-1.5.37.zip with only the exe and source. It is recommended to download the full installer unless you already have a previous release installed, or VB6 installed and it might work with just the VB6 runtimes, but I'm not sure. When you first run the program, you need to click the "Choose MP3 Folder" button and enter the path to your MP3 folder ex. c:\mp3's\ and it MUST end with \ otherwise it will not work. It will even work with someone else's shared mp3 folder over a lan.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Sorry about the lack of updates. Today is my birthday *yea* but I just reupped the installer so now you should be able to download it since there was some problem with it before (space maybe) but it works now and it is also the installer for version 0.9.2.

Monday, March 4, 2002 - Later

New 1337 translator 1337ify it v2.0 it will run as window or in the systray and it captures input from the keyboard then sends 1337 text to the active window. Works ok so far but unfortunatley if you type to fast, it will go and delete stuff you've already typed. A friend said it was like hardcore 1337 because it 1337ifies every letter you type so maybe I'll make a button to switch from hardcore 1337 to casual 1337 where only the common stuff is changed like e=3 a=4 o=0 i=1 t=7 f=ph and so on instead of everything.

|-|4|2|][0|23 |_337

Monday, March 4, 2002

I made a translator to go from normal text to 1337 text and am working on another to go from 1337 to normal text. It needs the VB6 runtime files to work.

Saturday, March 2, 2002

Well I added a shell for the minimalists that I just made, for those that like a clean desktop. Theres nothing to see but whatever background image you choose, and a menu pops up when you right click. To make it work you need to open the source up in VB and then change the locations for the files on the run menu, then recompile, maybe I'll make it so that you can change it at run-time someday. Oh and like the UplinkDesktop Shell this one also needs a resolution of 1280x1024 to display properly but you can resize the stuff in the source if you want, and it will auto-size the picture you choose to be the same size as the image box it is in (screen size).
Here's a screenshot:

That's my l337 wallpaper in the back from Skinbase.org Oh btw I didn't make it :P someone else did it just happened to be the pic I used as my wallpaper at the time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - Later

I just added a bunch of new features *yea* like a cd player and a os info thing which shows the OS Version, Platform, and Build you are running also added a free memory thing. I updated the download page but haven't rebuilt the installer yet just the exe though if you run the old installer and replace the exe file with the new one it should work. I also got rid of the system out of date please reboot error and like it says below it is caused because the packager is not compatible with Win2k.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Hmmmm no wonder it still does the endless reboot thing.

WARNING: Windows 2000 users will not able to use the Package and Deployment wizard. The platform doesn't support it. This project can be completed on Windows 95 or 98 only. Win2k-created setups will cause an endless reboot!


Monday, February, 18, 2002 - Later
I changed the Instant Messenger links to be a text editor instead it works fine and all. I added version numbers lol and updated the files but haven't updated the installer on the mirror on Geocities yet.

Monday, February, 18, 2002

I just changed the *.tif graphics files on the site to *.jpg so maybe they will work for those of you with older browsers :P and the *.tif files on the downloads page I changed to be *.png which are like jpgs and are more compatible with systems than tif files.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Well I removed the old calendar stuff to try to fix the System Out Of Date You Need To Reboot error maybe it won't do that anymore. I also updated all the files.

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Well I updated the site with some graphics lol maybe you'll think it looks better now.

Friday, February 15, 2002 - Later

I just added a lot of stuff including making the uptime counter follow the cursor until you click like the programs in the game do :) and I got the favorites page to work. Also I worked on the User Login but it didn't work so I put it back like the way it was before. I also changed the calendar to one that doesn't look nearly as good but will work better on different systems because I think the old one I had would only work on systems with Visual Studio .NET installed and might have also need Microsoft Office XP. I updated the downloads and remade the installer so it is now half the size it was before :)

Friday, February 15, 2002

Well today I'm working on adding the user creation and started an options menu but then I realized that it would be best to wait until I got the different users part of the program working. Oh and check out WestEndComputerFest and also Helbreath, it's a pretty cool mmorpg even though you have to download a file thats about 200 megs to play. UO is still better though.
Thursday, February 14, 2002

Added a computer uptime counter, it counts in seconds. I haven't updated the downloads yet but i will soon. The new function uses the satellite picture menu and it works fine.
Thursday, February 7, 2002

Oh and btw it requires a resolution of 1280x1024 and it will auto-set to it. And to set it as your shell after installing you can edit a line in the system.ini and change shell=explorer.exe to
shell=<place where the program is installed>
Ok well here are the screenshots.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Check this out it's what I've been working on.
 It is a Windows Shell based on the game Uplink.

Screenshots Coming Soon.
It has a web browser, instant messanging stuff, text-to-speech, a calendar, file-browser, and more.

Uplink Desktop Installer (8.75 Meg, includes all dll's and external files, calendar and text-to-speech *might* not work)
Uplink Desktop EXE only  (420KB, just the exe REQUIRES VB6 and all dll's installed)
Uplink Desktop Source (438KB, the source code in MS VB6, project file, forms, gfx, and code no dll's)

Oh btw, I am not responsible for anything this program or the use of it causes to your computer if it blows up or anything like that (not that it would).

And credits go out to Introversion http://www.introversion.co.uk for making this great game and for the button gfx, the style, and all the rest that I used/borrowed as the basis for this shell.